Located in the strategic global marine crossroad of the Strait of Gibraltar with 70,000  ships per year make this area the second busiest route in the world.


Within 30 extra miles of sailing from the main route, Malaga Port provides 4 congestion free anchorages areas for bunkering.


In case of adverse climatologyc conditions, or other congestions in the Gibraltar area, Malaga seaport is the perfect place for bunkering at shelter.


Malaga seaport has the privilege to have modern infrastructure:


- 5 berths cruise terminals;

- One million TEUs capacity per year container Terminal; and

- Bulk Terminals


According to the number of incoming cruises it´s the 44th of the world, the 21st of Europe, the 2nd of mainland Spain and 5th including the islands.


Related to containers it´s the 175th of the world and the 6th of Spain.


Malaga province enjoys as well modern infrastructure including high-speed-train and international airport.


Malaga it´s in the 12th place of use of diesel of Spain consuming 44,000 cubic meters per month.


In spite of being a seaborne province, it ranks as the 16th most expensive diesel price of Spain because of the inefficient logistic costs.


Nowadays, Malaga lacks a petroleum products maritime terminal.


ODT´s newest Terminal provides services to costumers involving both the Marine and the inland markets.


With total capacity of 40000 cubic meters in 7 tanks, it has efficient compact design to serve one Customer only, with high rotational and utilization capacity, reducing Customer´s total expenses.


Despite its reduced size , it counts with the most advanced available automation and control systems. and innovative technology and infrastructure such as:


- Own jetty of 180 meters long and 16 meter draught;

- Shared dock of 750 meters and 16 meters draught;

- With 4 pipelines for different products to the dock and jetty, with capacity of 1,000 cubic meters per hour each;

- Certified coriolis flow meters, and density and viscosity sensors at the jetty and dock

- Operating 24-7

- Terminal lab and independent surveyor service

- Automatic system of product recovery for tanks

- Tank gauges

- Overfill protection

- Inert gas in tanks

- Blending on tanks system

- Five levels of temperature per Tank

- Five automatic samples kits per Tank

- 4 automatized 120 cubic meters per hour loading bays

- Customs administration

- Custody transfer management

- Real time and daily reporting

- Real time instruction process capacity

- Capacity to process all operations described simultaneously

- Customer remote access to all data and documentation


ODT, Petroleum Storage, handling, process and service engineered for Customer value creation.





29001 MALAGA


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Teléfono: +34 952 22 33 00


Canal Radio Marítimo: 17


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